My preference was to stay with one book at a time, and read it all the way through. Education establishments whose responsibility it is to prepare the next generation of world citizens must provide an entirely new level of learning that has at its core three words: Last spring, the CJE Center for Jewish Education and Apple teamed up to offer day schools a set of iPads, a synch cart and apps, along with a day-long professional development workshop, for an attractive price. And then there were the teachers – too many to count! I was very knowledgeable about the sites that we went to because of my time at Cardin. There was no time to waste; we went straight to our first site.

Camps are also a fun way to get kids off the couch and into a physically challenging activity. Campers run the gamut from experienced athletes heading to college to younger children trying a sport for the first time. And excitement about this new curriculum is spreading…. The day finally came that I left. In March I chose to take a different path than most teens for the summer. Have you considered a Baltimore Jewish Day School? Summer sports camps offering everything from fencing to water polo are as popular as ever for giving kids an introduction to new activities — or a chance to improve skills they already have.

beth tfiloh homework

And tifloh I get really interested in a specific book, I can always switch back to my old one-at-a-time strategy until I finish! And I am the very proud granddaughter of Helen Hartman z”l – office manager extraordinaire, snack passer-outer, tooth box distributor, school nurse, along with many other hats that she wore – who worked at the school for 32 years. Hokework Prentiss Comments rss Trackback.


She also finds the focus on multi-step complex problem solving is central to every skill and concept discussion.

beth tfiloh homework

This was truly a team effort, with full school participation and belief in our ability to achieve our goals. Elsewhere in the area, the U.

Dina Burcat ’98 – The Silver Academy

Norman Prentiss, at www. During the fall, hokework helped our students imaginatively respond to Jewish texts with visual images. We stayed in Warsaw for two days, then Lublin for one, and Krakow for Shabbat. From March until June I studied the Holocaust. It was truly the Yeshiva Academy that fostered my love of Jewish education and helped direct me toward a career in Jewish education and the Jewish community.

From its inception, The Shoshana S. The review process was rigorous; the challenge for applicants was to think innovatively, to defy their status quo, and to initiate bold changes…The winners are a diverse mix but share one thing: I’m so grateful for the experience that I had and the education that I received there and consider myself so lucky to be an alumna!

Many summer-camp programs are still accepting participants. Watch this Fox News video: Using this innovative approach, each topic is covered in greater depth, reinforcing the concepts and utilizing multiple strategies to understand the same equations.

My preference was to stay with one book at a time, and read it all the way through.

And because we share them, I get to see the cute photos and things the first grader who shares my iPad made. Schertz, Morah Chanie, Mrs. Campers run the gamut from experienced athletes heading to college to younger children trying a sport for the first hkmework. I had amazing Judaics teachers Parents See a Difference At the Nov. The first thing we were told when we entered was to not be sad.


Youth camps build fitness skills to last a lifetime – Baltimore Sun

Triloh most exciting new experience for me this year is being able to teach the 11th grade U. Participants can expect to be in the water for up to six hours each day.

beth tfiloh homework

Hoping to take arts integration to the next level, Cardin invited Mrs. While learning events that occurred and how people handled them over the course of history, we refer to texts from English class that are expressions of those feelings and events.

I remember Student Homewlrk elections and meetings, which were capped off in my 8th grade year, when I served as co-president with Sari Goldsmith Eisenberg.

Youth camps build fitness skills to last a lifetime

In Septemberthe Shoshana Hfiloh. When my tour guide asked my group if anyone knew who he was, I tifloh. Right from the Start First grade teacher Mrs. Silver Yeshiva Academy is truly filled with some of the fondest memories of my childhood. Yesterday The Day School at Baltimore Hebrew received one of the biggest, best, and somewhat unexpected gifts imaginable.

Cardin School saw integrating the visual arts as essential to its mission and wove it into the fabric of school life.

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