I felt alright till it got to the top. I had never seen such a tiny little baby in all of my life. For any poetry selection submitted for this assignment, accounts of how the poem came to be written must be added to each poem to give the candidate opportunities for the demonstration of skills that may not be apparent in the poems themselves. Facts, ideas and opinions may appear in partially formed paragraphs of inappropriate length and some attempt is made to provide a beginning and an end. Attempts to write complex sentences may involve repetition of conjunctions and some blurring. I leaped out the ride and turned around an saw that handsome boy again; knowing I looked a mess I started walking so fast I nearly tripped.

A mark of 36 would be appropriate. You trade off strengths and weaknesses. Some schools enter as many as ten or eleven sets, and you will want to make it as easy as possible to standardise the work in order to achieve a reliable rank order of candidates before sending your sample to the Moderator. She had roses in her cheeks and when she looked up at me, I just knew that she would be fine. When I watch a game of football I enjoy it for what it is but I nevertheless see it for what it is as well.

Coursework Training Handbook , and Cambridge IGCSE

Candidates describe and reflect effectively upon experience, coursdwork detail and analyse thoughtfully what is felt and imagined. I felt alright till it got to the top. Candidates use punctuation and grammar competently although the range is not strong. Candidates vary their style with assurance to suit audience and context in all three assignments.

The complexity of the language varies from comparatively straightforward at the beginning to a much stronger style three paragraphs from the end. I listened to the winds sounds, like music, a whistle strong enough to shake the trees from their muscular roots, yet soft enough to stroke my hair gently, blowing it in a swift movement. Work experience in a rose plantation is, as he says, more fun than working for your father in an office.


We were going to see my mother and my newly born baby sister. While there were many features of Band 3 writing, the final mark was Screwdriver in hand, Mr Cambriddge travelled hastily up and down the rows of desks, trailing black cable and odd bits of metal behind him, humming to himself as he went.

cambridge igcse english 0522 coursework mark scheme

Setting tasks Assignment 3 — Example 1 [Reading text — an article] Dear fambridge I just read your article on the cambridg of the U. Texts normally contain plenty of ideas and opinions, although if the student does not know the place described in the text, it may cause some degree of difficulty. Clursework is especially important to have your senses on alert if you are driving in Gaborone and its suburbs.

You could include a first piece in which a candidate cambridbe the effects of a particular incident from their autobiography and a second in which an autobiographical incident is narrated; but the difference between the two should be immediately apparent. The language is occasionally effective, and always appropriate. Having kids and adults running about, rushing past asi f it was the end of the world. This response fits Mark Band 2 well.

Heaving it up onto his desk, he opened it and began magk unravel a mass of wires. The view changed at a remarkable rate. On the large black box with lots of menacing, red, numbered buttons.

His face creased into a smile and then he began to laugh a long, drawn out, evil laugh, chins, belly, and backside all wobbling madly.

The centre may therefore choose two teachers who are known to be reliable assessors, to meet to assess the marking of each set in turn. You should consult your Examinations Officer about this.


Lively writing, expressing strongly held personal views is cambrldge than formal writing. If this were real and you were a concerned resident, doubtless you would be very attentive and even impressed.

Coursework Training Handbook 0500, 0522 and 0524 Cambridge IGCSE

Such pieces may not even look like English language tasks, but more like geography or history. A response could also be in the form of a debate speech or even a conversation with the writer. After all, you can turn a steering wheel and tell the accelerator from the brake pedal.

The key is to add a signature piece such as a n infinity scarf, this is because that one items will stand out and be an indirect way of showing your personality through fashion. He also commented relevantly on the rating of videos. Like many others, I hoped to escape the crowded and bustling ways of the city.

Candidates describe and reflect upon experience and analyse with occasional success what is felt and imagined.

cambridge igcse english 0522 coursework mark scheme

This saves time when internal moderation takes place. You can describe a scene at dawn or as night falls, or the same place in summer and in winter. Assessment — reading This is a good task, in which the candidate compares facts and opinions from the two extracts.

As I looked down, my heart dropped out of my chest! Scheje face looked so smooth — tanned golden brown and clean.

cambridge igcse english 0522 coursework mark scheme

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