Indonesia later The New Eat Bulaga! Retrieved 29 April Retrieved 8 February Nidora is proud of her bodyguards after hearing this, but refuses their request for a vacation. The Engagement – Facebook”.

Yaya Dub is also excited that the next day is the second monthsary between her and Alden. A total of 40 participants will be chosen, for the entire month of May , where there will be two winners of a sari-sari store showcase worth 50, pesos and one winner of a cash prize worth , pesos. Soon, the riding-in-tandem arrives at the studio bringing Yaya’s surprise for Alden. The said event became the trending topic across all social media sites. Yaya reveals that the car she was riding in on Saturday collided with a tricycle , and she hit her head in the process. Starting July 30, , GMA Network and Eat Bulaga twitter websites began to use hashtags to pool discussion and news about each episode. The Runaway Bride – Facebook”.

Sometime in MayFrancis Magalona, one of the show’s main co-hosts, was removed from Eat Bulaga! Nidora relates her past relationships with other men, and in particular, Anselmo, whom she had dearly loved but her mother did not approve. Retrieved January 6, The studio panel agrees and Tito Buulaga promises that Alden will be there as long as all of them attend.

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Retrieved 27 February solbing via YouTube. At this point, Alden attempts to leave Broadway but is blocked by the Rogelios at every available exit.

Retrieved 6 July Yaya Dub is threatened by a witch to flee the kingdom eqt else she will become as stout as the others. Indonesia International Eat Na Ta!


eat bulaga problem solving may 16 2015

Retrieved 24 August Suddenly, a vehicle arrives at the scene. Retrieved 7 June Duh also notices that Alden is handsome and wants to meet him, but Alden only feels nauseous and vomits when he sees her. Duh gives a letter to Yaya Dub, which she reads, then screams in shock. They even prepare a feast for the gang.

eat bulaga problem solving may 16 2015

Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub are not happy when they find out that some pages from the Secret Diary have gone missing. Tinidora has no idea what the conversation is about so Tidora quickly fills her in. Film Academy of the Philippines.

EAT BULAGA Juan For All, All For Juan may 2 2015 FULL EPISODE PART [4/12] 720p HD

Seeing that this is the perfect opportunity, Tinidora tells Yaya Dub the truth about her real mother, causing Lola Nidora to get worried. Lola Nidora soon sollving that she cannot replace Yaya Dub, who then appears much to Lola’s joy. The couple gets most of the answers to match. Retrieved 15 December sooving Retrieved 27 October Meanwhile, Alden and Yaya Dub are seen dancing with joy and exchange signage of love with one another.

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Aside from the sponsor’s prizes, the winner also receives a final cash prize from the show itself alongside a chosen “Bossing’s Savings” by the host, sponsored by BPI and Eag through their BanKo mobile-based savings account, with each of the 5 envelopes containing certain amounts only shown privately to the winner for confidentiality. Both Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora are happy because everything is back to normal.


The sisters give him a tour of the place and show him their family pictures. Part 1 – Facebook”.

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The Lolas try to chase after Yaya Dub, but they are too late so they decide to head off to the studio. It is a talent search in the barangay for people ages 18 to 25 years old.

Yaya Dub cries when she sees Alden all bruised and attempts to clean his wounds via split-screen while kissing him several times. As Yaya and the Lolas enter the main stage, Yaya is formally introduced to the trio of Tito, Vic and Joey, and also to the rest of the Dabarkads. The winner is given varying prize items and cash prizes from the show’s different sponsors.

The EB Team congratulate Nidora, Yaya Dub, and Alden who is not present for receiving the Catholic Social Media Awards last night for promoting proper social and moral values and also for probem inspirational role models for the youth. The riding-in-tandem mistakenly delivers a flower arrangement suitable for funerals to Lola Nidora.

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