Now suppose we have a measurement y taken on a day when we did not calibrate the sensor system. We require that the estimator be unbiased, i. In EE we have studied linear unbiased estimators, which are unbiased estimators that are also linear functions. You are encouraged to try adjusting the powers by hand, as Bob does, to achieve small e. A message or packet can be sent from one node to another by a sequence of transmissions from node to node. Miki proposes the estimate and cancel method. Another approach is to represent complex matrices and vectors using real matrices and vectors of twice the dimensions, and then you apply what you already know about real linear algebra.

Give the weights you find, and also a plot of the antenna array response, i. If you need to assume that one or more matrices that arise in your solution are invertible, full rank, etc. In this problem, we will consider model estimation for vehicles in a fleet. Use these data to predict the hourly consumption over the next day, by continuing the diurnal component found in part b and using the weather-related model found in part b. The knowledge is given as a graph on the indices 1,. A directed graph shows which nodes can send messages directly to which other nodes; specifically, an edge from node j to node i means that node j can transmit a message directly to node i.

You will fill in all details of the argument below. Then [A B] is skinny and full rank. Put your answer in the following specific form. Use the model found in part b to predict the homewor for the next hour period i.


ee263 homework solutions

The mfile also includes the original array Uorig from which we removed elements to create the problem. Is it optimal in any way?

ee263 homework solutions

Moreover, we allow multi-cast: In the first, all cores are idling, and solutionss 10W. Your solution to this problem should consist of a clear written narrative that explains what you are doing, and gives formulas symbolically; the matlab source code you devise to find the numerical answers, along with comments explaining it all; and the final plots produced by matlab. You can use the vectors homedork and tungsten defined in color perception.

Give a one sentence comment about what you observe. Note that both of these are given in degrees, not radians. Each of these models is specified by its parameters, i. The plot is probably better viewed on a log-log scale, which can be done solitions the command loglog instead of the command plot.

This collection of subsets is informative. It is also possible to consider vector spaces over other fields, eee263 example Z2which consists of the two numbers 0 and 1, with Boolean addition and multiplication i.

With each communication link we associate a directed arc, which defines the direction of information flow that we will call positive.

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Eea homework 3 solutions. Repeat for another reasonable, but different initial guess for the parameters.

Let z k denote the state at time k. If all coefficients i. There are cases for which nonlinear unbiased estimators exist, but no linear unbiased estimator exists.


ee263 homework 3 solutions

We describe the topology of the circuit by the fan-out list for each gate, which tells us which other gates the output of sooutions gate connects to. In this problem we refer to signals, which are just vectors, with index interpreted as discrete time. Soultions, though, we allow the possibility that f is nonlinear which we take to mean, f is not linear. The objective J is a weighted sum of norm squares of our two residuals.

You must also verify that the matrix you choose satisfies honework requirements. A positive value of vi means the reaction proceeds in the given direction, while a negative value of vi means the reaction proceeds in the reverse direction.

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This is possible because the base stations are synchronized using the Global Positioning System. The n components of y t might represent measurements of different quantities, or prices of different assets, at time period t.

Explain how to find which interface is faulted. And it takes a few seconds to evaluate it, so calling the p-file function is something like a carrying out a real physical experiment. In this problem we explore a simple version. He describes it as follows: The jth soolutions in the ith row is 1 if gate j is in the fan-out of gate i, and 0 otherwise.

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