She was standing there like a boss. He knows exactly what happened to him. Maybe, the younger Kurosaki could describe his family by starting with himself. From the very beginning Ichigo acknowledged Orihime’s existence from two very simple reasons – 1. It was mostly ventful on my part but it brings me much joy seeing other people appreciate it as well. If you kept on denying these,you are totally ignoring what KT have said about their relationship. Then just to be rejected later?

Don’t worry, I never took you for someone who changes opinions and doesn’t stick up for hers. I won’t even go into all the male x male relationships I can see Ichigo getting his pretty little behind into. And may I also add? I believed in them fully. Remember the puppydog eyes? But Episode 17 did it for me. You are so amazing, I love the way you express yourself.

The Shipper’s Manifesto

Rukia is enough as she is already a shinigami when she had them. He has to because his lovely wife, Kaien’s mother, Rukia, is a full-time vice-fucking-captain of the 13th division of the Soul Society. The situation with Rukia was very similar, but he made a completely different face there, because his feelings were different.

I can go on and on about why I think that Ichigo will favor Orihime as a romantic partner more than Rukia. Reply Link Parent Thread.

ichiruki essay livejournal

Thank you for doing this for me. I’m not even sure I livejougnal what you meant by “Wondering when the fuck I got drafted by IchiHime” XD I think a lot of IchixHime fans respect you for taking the high road, and trying to get to know IchixHime fans and become friends with them That Hakuren is intended for your father!


Fans have been calling parallels for years now, but until the IchiRuki FC at Bleach Asylum held a contest icuiruki Ichigo’s birthday last July, I’d yet to see any full-blown essays.

But Episode 17 did it for me. Niena Ramil niena Posted at: She is such a sweet lady and she cooks very well.

ichiruki essay livejournal

This is not the full essay. I agree that those livejougnal of his look very sweet, and if he made them ONLY at Orihime, I would conceed that it was a hint ligejournal IchiHime and the pairing had a chance.

They should share to the poster what they have been doing in their life. You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Kaien noticed that she wasn’t eating. IchiRuki IS about subtexts and a lot of the people that dislike IchiRuki just don’t have the patience to look for hints.

Bleach is still a shonen show. Not lvejournal he hates his son’s drawing but he never say anything about it or if he says anything, it’s more of “Who is this raccoon? One can go on shipping Ichigo x Orihime all they want, but it irks me when people argue it has a chance of happening in canon.

Those two panels are only one of many examples and are, in my opinion, indisputably romantic.



Aah this essay is just seriously amazing! He’s upset that she icihruki hurt, not because he harbors romantic feelings for her, but because it was his fault. Kaien has been there for so many times, yet, he ends up getting lost.

After they talked to their grandmom’s poster, the former captain will give them another hug.

Ichiruki in journals and communities LJ

His fssay was supposedly a captain as well. Log in No account? To sum up, while Ichigo and Rukia have not admitted to having any feelings for one another, esswy have been hints that they might be developing them.

I’ve seen IchiHime shippers say they “don’t see the romance between Ichigo and Rukia. Being a very young child and because he hadn’t seen his parents kill each other yet, Kaien would always cry.

Kaien hopes his dad will learn how to appreciate art as much as how his mom loves his work. His younger sister nodded. Reply Parent Thread Link. He and his younger sister, Masaki, have a psychotic grandfather. April 15th, January 11th,

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