Do not go anywhere near them. It fits my needs perfectly. I contacted support and they got it working for about 1 hour. They reply asking for the path. I have always used my external drive as my main documents drive, and in the beginning that was fine with ZipDrive. JustCloud is not unlimited!

I love having the ability to save my files for work, as well as my personal files. Not only does it protect your privacy poorly, JustCloud also goes out of its way to dodge any liability. I personally consider them to be a scam. Pro Personal GB Storage. For example, for automated, scheduled backups the maximum file size is set to 1GB.

justcloud business plan

Years of data lost. I have moved to another cloud provider now jhstcloud piece of mind but whilst my account is still valid I expect to be able to access my files.

I have been trying unsuccessfully for a year to get JustCloud to restore my files. Justcloud lost 90GB half of my files on all of my devices. There excuse is a server migration has gone bad. I would not recommend using this product. After several years with Justcloud it deleted itself from my computer, yeas really did.

But a year later JustCloud tried to sneak through another charge. However, the backup service is rather unreliable and the syncing service is poorly integrated and frustrating to use. Check this box to confirm you are human. Finally they claim they have canceled my account which they should have done when I told the rep it did not meed my needs and made a small refund far short of the payments.


I only discovered that I had reached my unlimited limit when I went to look for files and found them missing. The files are in the same location on my computer but the fresh install of Windows has confused your software. Now they have stopped backups saying account expired even before subscription is up. They really annoy me with constant popups that ask me to upgrade to X and Y. I am afraid my queries are just ending in a big black hole.

Just as a busiiness.

To add to this frustration, drag and drop does not consistently work in the interface. Their software is fairly seamless to install but constantly displays pop-ups on the computer asking you to refer a friend. JustCloud just has too many issues: This company lost 5. Have a new machine and no access to my previous laptop.

JustCloud Review – Updated

You do not have to even use your own desktop or whatever you may use to access the internet. Most of their e-mail replies appear to be automatically generated which I find extremely arrogant.


The Amazon S3 program is known for being reliable, and this shows within the program. Literally any other will be a better deal than JustCloud. What am I supposed to do if my computer dies and I have to download all my files again?

Never recovered my files. All of this leads me to think to myself:.

justcloud business plan

Going through all of my videos of my children and individually upload them even though the folder their in has already been marked for back up is ridiculous. When I complained they simply blocked my account. JustCloud is a great way to back up data on a computer. To make matters worse they have billed me for the busuness year and have not offered any compensation.

JustCloud Review

The program is easy to use, and is very hassle free in terms of length of time it takes to back up everything. After it was my fault but I would have loved businews receive some feedback from their end. Though here at Cloudwards.

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