For any decision there is number of factors which influences the decision. Communication Gap Term 1, Revised on 18 Sept 14 2 Restate key service communication challenges, illustrate with examples for five categories of strategies to match service promises with delivery, explain why service prices are different for customers, present pricing strategies that link to four different types of value definitions Learning Outcomes: What specific things did the company do to achieve its success in external marketing, interactive marketing, and internal marketing? Did the airline handle the crisis well — why or why not? Based on your reading of the textbook and our class discussion, you will analyze:

The second part of the learning process is case discussion. This case of JetBlue airways is based on service failure and its adequate recovery procedures. Grade for individual participation will be based in the instructor’s judgment on consistency meaning the individual student participates constructively and shows leadership in class discussion. Efficiently apply service marketing research techniques to measure service quality and facilitate well-informed decisions being made leading to customer satisfaction and long-term success of the company; 3. Discussion Q2, 4 LA2: All team reports will be presented in class.

Reasonably good attendance i.

1 Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

The course is designed and relevant not just for students with careers in services industries e. Term 1, Revised on 18 Sept 14 5 Case Study Questions Questions are to be prepared in advance of each case discussion; turn in your answers at the beginning of class, keeping bamk reference cope for yourself to use during the discussion.

If the balance in favor of one or two groups shifts, is the long-term expense of all groups. Introduction to Marketing Brief Course Description: Newer Post Older Post Home. The first part of the learning process is pre-class preparation, as follows: Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer.


1 Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Be selective and focus on the most important issues, as this part of the paper should be about 3 pages in length. Presumably, students learn best and retain the most through active participation in the learning process. If a customer was to apply for a loan the entire procedure used to take a long time as the branch manager used to write a formal application and forward the application to the regional level for approval.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: JYSKE make the particular employee the owner of the loan.

This is a lengthy and time marketin process. Course Packs for Weekly Learning Activities There are 2 encounters for each weekly topic consisting of: Employees are busy with customers who were arrived first. It helped the team based service strategy of JYSKE Bank to provide service in the way out of traditional retail business.

Macro Environment of Companies in Bangladesh

It is known as STP and goes through the positioning in 3 stages – segmentation, targeting and finally positioning. The facility from that tem based performance was that providing each customer with great ease, providing individualized service cas each customer and maintaining customer satisfaction in highest level by keeping close physical proximity with each customer. IT is the part of reward facilities based on performances.


The purpose was not only to decorate it to look attractive. These were hampering service popularity and long term satisfaction among customers.

jyske bank case study service marketing ppt

Generally in traditional banking services when customers are arriving for the sake of arranging loan there are some provisions of allowing getting loan. And marketin of data collected is increasing. User Observation – DePaul University.

This strategy went beyond the traditional product-centric approach, as most of the banks have taken it over. But beside that it must handle daily customer encounters properly and if any failure occurred then JYSKE must fulfill service recovery expectations of each customer by following service recovery strategies properly.

Case Studies Four cases — Jyske Bank pp. For that reason manages are approving small loans almost instantly. Common sense Open and honest Different and jydke Genuine interest and same attention Effective and sustainable Academy of management led these same values to reevaluate how the Bank has with their customers.

jyske bank case study service marketing ppt

Discussion of worst service. What else could JetBlue have done to improve the situation?

jyske bank case study service marketing ppt

A good paper will describe the problem and present a specific, logical plan for improvement. Who, or what, was responsible?

Physical innovations in service.

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