Find the taxicab distance between the two points. Find the slope and y-intercept. A convex polygon is regular. Dave needs to spend 1. Make a Plan Use what you know to solve the problem.

Draw the perpendicular bisectors to find your position P. A ladder leaning against a building touches the building 12 feet above the ground. The diagram shows the approximate dimensions of this cross section. Write each answer as a fraction in simplest form and as a decimal. Find the length of AD. Which property is illustrated by the following statement?

lesson 6.1-6.3 problem solving workshop mixed problem solving geometry

N house and the movie theater. For what number of hours do you and your friend earn the same amount? STEP 1 Find the scale by writing a ratio of the height of the actual building to the height of your model. What can you prove about quadrilateral ABCD? The width of the model is so,ving Draw and label the vertices of the three geomeetry right triangles from Exercise 1 so that the corresponding sides and angles have the same orientation.


lesson 6.1-6.3 problem solving workshop mixed problem solving geometry

Use the Pfoblem Proportionality Theorem as stated on page Where is the orthocenter or intersec- tion of the altitudes of n ABC located? Use the Pythagorean Theorem.

Find and correct the error. Which statement is not true? The wall is 18 feet long by 14 feet high. Substitution Property of Equality: How far did Player A kick the ball? The Last Best Hope correlated to the. Distributive Property Add to each side.

You worksho to the supermarket. You attach the workwhop at the midpoints of the legs. C If I do not go to the park, then the weather is cloudy.

Area 5 m2 Find the height h of the waterslide to the nearest foot.

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What do the slopes of the sides prove about the quadrilateral? Answers 7 14 lesdon. Date ———————————— B If I go to the park, then the weather is not cloudy.

Find the length of the rectangle. Give a range of angle measures for the downstream angle.


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Maps A partial map of a town is drawn on a graph where units are measured in feet. Find the coordinates of the centroid of n ABC.

Which line s or plane s appear to fit the description? Then find the distance. Find the cost of using carpet and the cost of using hardwood. Problfm hexagon interior exterior Works 61 Name ——————————————————————— Date ———————————— Problem Solving: Identify the legs and the base of nRST. If the corresponding sides of 2 triangles are proportional, then the triangles are similar.

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