Please do not send applications to this email. Despite the unpredictability of technical and economic developments in this area, modern society is increasingly reliant on information technology. How to Get an LL. All fees are due and must be paid in full excludes refugees before an International Clear- ance is issued by the Wits International Office. Special requirements Students electing this course must be familiar with the Internet and capable of conducting research on the World Wide Web.

An the communities that it serves and to the annual postgraduate social event and a country. Doctor of Science Medicine or Dentistry: Law and Sustainability I will introduce students to the primary conceptual frames underlying South Africa’s environmental legislation and case law conservationism, sustainable development, human rights, environmental justice, resilience. Application Tracker – Wits – Schreiner. Students will participate in clinical projects that will involve placements with institutions engaged in human rights advocacy or litigation.

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It will consider the content of health-related rights in international law as well as their formulation in the South African Constitution. Law and Sustainability Wlts Law and Sustainability I will introduce students to the primary conceptual frames underlying South Africa’s environmental legislation and case law conservationism, sustainable development, human rights, environmental justice, resilience. Policy issues include biosafety, equitable sharing of benefits among stakeholders and biodiversity.

llm coursework wits

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Sources of tax law including the Constitution, Fiscal legislation, case law and interpretation treaties.

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Another project, the R adjoins the caves. Thus, students will explore and understand the procedural and substantive human rights law of the UN and its associated organisations selected regional mechanisms coureswork be introduced briefly, courework a separate course specifically addresses the regional protection of human rights. Click here to sign up. Occupation Occupation Student Lawyer Translator Language school teacher or staff University lecturer or professor Legal secretary or support staff HR for law firm or legal department Other.


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It will probe the literature of different rights-based strategies, and the issues that inform the choice of advocacy or litigation by human rights actors. Topics likely to be covered are: Wits established the Centre for Indian Studies In recent years, Wits has revived its public in Africa, the first of its kind on the African intellectual engagement activities and continent, in The complex has all the essentials for comfortable residential life on campus including: The Bernard Price Institute for enhancement of the skills and abilities of Palaeontological Research houses one senior students and younger staff.

The relevant common law and case law will also be considered.

The final module provides a comparative and critical analysis of laws governing the health biotechnology industry, including international law, treaties and regulatory structures implemented locally and internationally. The second topic is the ethical, legal and regulatory issues raised by developments in health-related biotechnology.

Attention will be paid to the different legal strategies and processes that are available to human rights lawyers and advocates.

Late applications will not be accepted. Nov coursewoork, ’15 Not all courses can be taken full time. Its Oliver Schreiner School of Law was founded in and has since then established a strong reputation for being a major centre for legal studies in the area.

Successful applicants may be renewed for a second year. Should you wish to transfer to another residence this may also be indicated on coursewprk re- admission form.

llm coursework wits

Aug 10, ’15 Topics likely to be coursewprk are:. The Wits Wkts School launched a Centre Since its inception, this programme has for Entrepreneurship in to nurture entre- played an active role in providing rigorous preneurship through education and training, research to inform economic policy forma- research, professional development and tion.


Studying in The Faculty proudly offers cutting-edge the Faculty will instill a student with academic postgraduate degrees to graduate students and professional excellence, as well as pride.

An A rated scientist in the School of Mechanical, Industrial and Aeronautical Issues that pertain to townships, informal Engineering was awarded an Honorary settlements, metropolitan systems and Fellowship of the Royal Aeronautical Society provincial policies are at the heart of a in London.

The Centre supports has positioned itself as the intellectual hub research, teaching and public debate about of South Africa. Higher degree encouraged to push the boundaries of qualifications at Wits result from more mature knowledge by tackling fundamental research teaching and learning requirements as well questions, producing publications of the as a deeper and more academic focus.

This course will entail an advanced study of the nature, principles and practical application of the international law on foreign investment. Each year thousands of school- Campus. Students on block release Endorsement to study part-time 1. It is intended that the course provide students with an appreciation of the international human rights system of the UN and its associated bodies, the status of human rights in times of emergency and the application of international human rights law in national and international tribunals.

The collections are open to jor concert halls.

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