They did not achieve the minimal case for this feeder, but did achieveminimal results for the node feeder. The bolded cells depict a favorable charac-teristic. However, generators play an important role. The key difference between them is their topologies: And last, but not least, I would like to thank my dad, John Kerns, for his unending support.

If complete observability is achieved, end program. If the entire state vector of bus voltage magnitudes and angles can be estimated from the set of available measurements, the power system with the specified measurement set is said to be observable. They applied the same pre-programming steps in order to reduce computation time. Lastly, distribution systems typically contain switches, whichneed to be accounted for in the placement algorithm. The percent coverage can be calculated using 4. Therefore, if alarge distribution network was considered, it would be assumed that these results would be furtherimproved. This makes sensebecause of the radial structure of distribution systems and the hybrid greedy process:

This will be explained in Section 4. With the addition of renewable energy sources on the electrical grid, bidirectional power flow is now oc- curring and is causing previously unseen fluctuations in voltage. If complete observability is achieved, end program. Therefore, work could be done to develop a highly tgesis estimation technique.

Incorporation of PMUs in power system state estimation – DRS

Afterwards,they applied their simulated annealing algorithm. Simple 9-node radial network. The minimal number case was found using an integer programming method. Previous literary works, explained in Section 2.

Now, in order to achieve the minimal case seen in Figure 4. Let us focus on the first end node,node 1. For this, placement process is started with 10 PMUs those are allocated in normal condition. Wil-son Eberle for their constant support throughout this endeavor.


optimal pmu placement thesis

Lastly, network reconfiguration was not considered in most papers, even though this is animportant factor to consider since distribution networks can be reconfigured.

Firstly, power is generated and the most common way to generatepower is by burning fossil fuels [4]. Additionally, I plwcement grateful for the funding I received through Mitacs Accelerate, a collaborationwith Enbala Power Networks, for without which would have made it difficult for me pursue thisresearch. Calculate how many nodes would be unobserved for each scenario. Lastly, power flows from the distribution system to customer sites, which arehomes and businesses.


Mathematical Problems in Engineering

Previous works have only focused on one or two of these items. Abstract In this thesis, a strategy for phasor measurement unit PMU optimal placement and thesiss selection is proposed for monitoring critical oscillations in electric power systems.

We, therefore, have to establish certain criteria to determine an optimal solution. The end result is the same forboth papers. These factors are listed belowand explained in more detail in Section 2. Generally speaking,as the number of nodes in the system increases, so does the percent coverage. This is due to thefact it guarantees finding the minimum number of PMUs needed for any network. In step 3, the algorithm will check to see if complete observability has been achieved.

Optimal Phasor Measurement Unit Placement for Monitoring of PEA Bowin Power

The second type of nodes they removed from thesiw search space were the nodesconnected to end nodes. In this paper, SVD method is used to solve ill-conditioned problems and evaluate the numerical observability of a system.


optimal pmu placement thesis

When placed at a node, it is capable of measuring the voltage phasor at the node and all incident current phasors to the node. The results are generated for 5-Bus system. The distribution system needs to be monitored in real time so that minor issuesrelating to grid stability can be noted and fixed before they cascade into system failure.

optimal pmu placement thesis

These results canbe seen in 4. This can be done in thefollowing steps: The proposed method introduces the criteria of bus selection for PMU placement, regarding a number of branches connected to the selected bus as well as the length of those branches.

Incorporation of PMUs in power system state estimation

However, it is also not necessary to place them on every node since,if the line impedance is known, the surrounding node voltage values can be accurately pum. That is because the only information required is network connectivity,measurement type, and location. The disadvantage of this method is its aim is to find a good approximation, not an optimalsolution [6].

Due to this factor, computation time isa much more important factor to consider for distribution systems.

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