Now-a-days Britannia has adopted intensive advertisement such as through media to promote their products. Most Parle offerings are in the low and mid-range price segments. Parle bisuits and confectionaries are fast gaining acceptance in international markets, such as, Abu Dhabi, Africa, Dubai, South America and Sri Lanka. In , while India was under British rule, a small company by the name of Parle Products emerged. It is a market leader for the established product Parle-G. Soaring input prices meant it opted for reducing the weight of the biscuit than increasing the price — first from gm. Due to this the Parle biscuits are facing competition.

Parle is, of course, not doing it for charity. Three years ago it did so, but quickly rolled it back after volumes fell sharply and consumers wrote to lodge their protest. So that the quality of biscuits are good till it reaches the customer. It isn’t just a biscuit anymore; but has become an icon. This can also help them diversify into different related markets. The market share is highest with Parle-G because of the Value for Money it awards to its consumers.

These are all important aspects of marketing strategy.

parle g case study ivey ppt

Parle-G is available to consumers, even in the most remote of places. Since it started in it has seen a tremendous increase in participating each year, with entries coming from schools of West Bengal. Parle has nearly 1, wholesalers, careering to 4,25, retail outlets directly or indirectly.


The value- for-money positioning helps generate large sales volumes for the products.

parle g case study ivey ppt

Parle-G is available for Rs 50 a kg. Parle Products has been India’s largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery for almost 85 years. Parle can motivate retailers and wholesalers with good incentives and programs.

However only serious competition faced by Parle G is from Britannia Tiger biscuit. Parle has done the following for enhancing public relations: It was concluded that Parle is the first preference of both the customers and retailers Organized and unorganized both because of its price and brand image. lpt

parle g case study ivey ppt

ppg The Objective of the case study is to find out the reasons for the preference of people in Glucose biscuit also to know why Parle-G is no. Parle G has adopted the Market Ptp strategy i. Due to this the company can expand the supply system and attract more customers. Disadvantages of a celebrity endorsing a brand: University of Toronto Press.

This is because of entry of several new companies into this market.

(PDF) Case Study of an Indigenous Brand – Parle-G | Harish Raman –

Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 16 pages. Strict cost control at every point in supply Chain – It reaches 2. Hence, Parle being an established brand should diversify into different market such as dairy products like cheese, butter, etc.

It also has several manufacturing units on contract. It is a market leader caee the established product Parle-G. This can also help them diversify into different related markets.


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Limited Parlea leading Indian manufacturer of biscuits, had the honor of producing the best-selling brand of glucose biscuits in the world by volume, Parle-G. An example of a testimonial is for a fictional piece of software: But getting a celebrity consistent with the right brand, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way There is sudden increase in bakery products for past certain period of time in the market.

Parle G is available in Rs. A two hundred strong dedicated field force services these wholesalers and retailers. A C Nielsen Advertising agency: Always, the accent was on self-sufficiency.

Parle-G Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The immense popularity of Parle products in India was always a challenge to their production capacity. Celebrities ensure attention of the target group by breaking the clutter of advertisements and making the ad and the brand more noticeable Advantages of a celebrity endorsing a Brand Continue…. How Does it Work? Not that the company didn’t try to raise prices sutdy offset the overall hike in costs.

The value-for-money positioning helps generate large sales volumes for the products.

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