This module explores the multiple organisational forms in the creative and cultural industries. Dr Christopher Bray Overlap: Specialist dispute resolution mechanisms catering to specific industry needs are popular in international commerce, and arbitration has emerged as the dominant industry choice for resolving shipping disputes, in particular charterparty disputes. This module is for students who have completed Catalan II Intensive. This module covers aspects of modern inorganic chemistry. Dr Yuansi Hou Overlap: This means that you will not know until after the exam period has passed whether your extenuating circumstances have been accepted as a valid reason for not submitting your assessment by the deadline.

Particular attention is given to crisis leadership. This module explores the multiple organisational forms in the creative and cultural industries. The objective of this course is to examine how organizations develop and execute their international business strategies in a rapidly digitizing business environment. A-level chemistry or equivalent Corequisite: The module provides an integrated introduction to the processes and management of emerging businesses at their final stages of entrepreneurial activity.

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The dissertation requires a demonstration of ability to carry out an original investigation into an area of interest. This module will explore various theoretical approaches used to explain what markets managers choose to compete within, why and how.

The module runs over 1 semester. This module investigates the techniques adopted by professionals in marketing, sales, as well as general business negotiation environments in order to change stakeholder behaviour and attitudes, influence outcomes, and gain compliance.

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The framework recognises the importance of time spending to access the right information as well as an efficient process that guides the students, with an objective of having the possibility to have a business ready to launch within a reasonable period of time, after completion of the module.


Particular attention is given to crisis leadership. The growth of international commercial transactions, including infrastructure and investment projects, financial and IP transactions, has been accompanied over the last four decades by the increasing use of arbitration to settle disputes. In addition, characterisation techniques such as X-ray diffraction and multi-nuclear NMR are introduced. The Module Directory provides information on all taught modules offered by Queen Mary during the academic year An aggregated, weighted mark will be awarded for each module you take.

Students are encouraged to recognise the techniques that they themselves use to gain compliance in common conversation as well as to analyse the ways in which commercial and public organisations attempt to influence their behaviour and attitudes.

This module focuses on the theory and practice of financing creative and cultural projects and organisations. Dr Peter Wyatt Overlap: We will address several strategic dilemmas within innovation, such as standards battles and design dominance, timing of entry, choosing innovation projects, collaborative innovation strategies and the benefits of protecting or opening up innovation for competitive strategy.

This module will investigate and discuss leadership in the social and pubic sectors from a theoretical sound and practical perspective. All students in the School of Business and Management at Level 6. This module is only available to students on the intercalated Courdework in Experimental Pathology programme.

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This module is designed to introduce first year students to the properties of the different phases of matter gases, liquids and solidsand to the theory and practise of analytical chemistry viewed from a physical and inorganic chemistry perspective.

You will also cover the basics of enzyme catalysis and kinetics with specific case studies. Can I submit a claim? This module offers a general introduction to modern and contemporary Catalan culture from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century.


Every intellectual property right starts life as a trade secret.

Prof Ioannis Kokkoris Overlap: This module covers aspects of modern inorganic chemistry. Students will learn about different econometric techniques used to identify causal effects and will develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of these effects.

qmul coursework extension

It asks us, what are the overlapping histories of media technologies, organizational form, accumulation strategies, and value generating activities in the creative industries and arts and cultural sector? This module explores the multiple organisational forms in the creative and cultural industries.

Dr Androniki Triantafylle Overlap: The seminars will provide students with professional skills and networking opportunities within different industries delivered by a diverse group of professionals and practitioners from the creative and cultural sectors. Dr Bernard Schneider Overlap: Its focus is on developing oral fluency, improving aural and reading comprehension skills, learning new structures and vocabulary, and writing skills.

Nuclear power is still part of the energy matrix of many states being a low carbon process and ensuring energy security. In particular, the emphasis on business ecosystems will allow students to appreciate the internal and transnational nature of strategic management with specific reference to the European context and European businesses.

Dr Pietro Panzarasa Overlap: This module is the third and final core module of the face-to-face PGCAP; the module runs over two semesters.

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