For some it will have been good news, but for others there may have been disappointment. Most students will complete their UCAS application at the start of year 13, at which point GCSE grades are likely to be the only external examination results they have to submit as evidence of their academic ability. How will this make me a better student in the future? And do go overboard with the thesaurus – concentrate on being clear rather than impressive. Applicants to Oxford will not have to complete an SAQ, so they may wish to include the elements of the course that appeal to them in their main Personal Statement. You need to read widely and in-depth. Show that you can be thoughtful Oxbridge admissions tutors are looking for thoughtful and perceptive students who are curious about their chosen subject.

Visit the other universities to see how you would feel about studying there and seek advice; parents, teachers and friends will all be able to give you a new perspective to help you decide what to do. Previously taken halfway through a two-year A level course, they were a useful indicator to university admissions tutors about student aptitude. Students are strongly advised to attend Open Days to learn more about all of the universities they are considering, where this is feasible. Do your research before you go and make sure you prepare thoroughly. It is possible to practise for an admissions interview at Oxford and Cambridge.

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Making an application to any university is quite an undertaking. If you apply to Cambridge, then once your UCAS application is submitted you will receive an email with further details about the SAQ, which you must submit by 22 nd October.

Picking a college While we hope you apply to Peterhouse, the truth is that the colleges are all pretty similar and everyone loves where they end up! Show 25 25 50 All. Parks said students now receive so much help — from their teachers or from websites that offer to write the statements — that universities cannot tell whether a student has written any of it. The first step in applying to university is to choose what you would like to read as an undergraduate.

How will this make me a better student in the future? Oxford University ‘s head of admissions, Mike Nicholson, said the personal statement was “a good way to distinguish the truly gifted, original and inspired”. Ucas, the university admissions serviceis considering whether students should write a separate personal statement for each of the five university courses they apply for, rather than write a generic personal statement for all of them, as they do at present.


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Personall there are some roles that will require graduates from a specific discipline so if you have a future career in mind then ensure that your degree is going to enable you to work in this field.

A spokesman for Cambridge University said: Try talking about your subject with family and friends. Page 10 Supplementary Application Questionnaire The SAQ includes a photograph of you, so that they know what you look like at your interview — some applicants have been known to send substitutes masquerading as them to interview instead — and information like your UMS scores and GCSE module grades.

saq personal statement cambridge

Statemeht should be able to differentiate between those cambriddge wrote their personal statements with genuine passion, and those who simply got someone else to do it for them.

At interview, admissions tutors are looking for students who will learn well in this environment, which usually means that students will be engaged with the topic and will try to think deeply about what they are learning, drawing logical conclusions based camridge what they know. Start Early The extra level of preparation that an Oxbridge application requires, combined with the October deadline, means that pupils should try to start planning their Personal Statement in Year Remember that every Cambridge applicant that year is subject to the same time constraints and do not worry.

In this article we will set out a chronological list of the things you need to do for your application in order to put your best foot forward.

saq personal statement cambridge

Students intending to apply to Oxbridge are advised to take at least two facilitating subjects for A level. If you are intending to apply to university, the work begins at GCSE. Admissions decisions at Oxford and Cambridge are solely based on academic ability and potential.

Last minute advice on the SAQ – don’t forget the deadline on 22nd October!

The work will usually be one or two pieces of school work, usually up to a maximum of about 2, words long. It is possible to practise for an admissions interview at Oxford and Cambridge. InOxford University received around 18, undergraduate applications for roughly 3, places.


If an applicant writes: Sit AS examinations, or internal end of year 12 examinations. Once you have this draft, it is a good idea to seek advice from others about what reads well, what could be cut without detriment to your application, what should be expanded upon and whether anything is missing.

The reform has meant that students are not required to take any examinations until the end of year 13 but does not mean that performance in year 12 is now irrelevant to an application. Newsletter Signup Sign up for our email newsletters.

Personal statements ‘not scored’ by Cambridge tutors

She might as well have spared herself the bother. Students are strongly advised to attend Open Days to learn more about all of the universities they are considering, where this is feasible. Oxbridge and Medical School applicants need to submit their applications earlier than other students, on 15 th October.

saq personal statement cambridge

Sxq 11 three years before you intend to start university Do: Around 6, undergraduates start their first years at Oxford or Cambridge every year and with a lot of hard work and preparation you can give yourself the best chance of being one of them. If this is required then once your UCAS application has been received, they will contact you directly to explain what they would like and how to submit it. Due to the intensely academic nature of Oxford and Cambridge, as well as the high demand for places, to make a successful application students must write their Personal Statement in a particular way.

It can be a great opportunity to talk specifically about why you want to study the course you have applied for at Cambridge.

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