Most exam papers seem to be written by morons. Half of the smartest physicists I know have been driven to quit and go to work in banks because of this. Why not hire professors for one year at a time? Most of all the subject trains your mind in a particular way to arrive at a solution, enhances creativity and the wow factor when I tell people what I studied. I find it a challenge but at the same time interesting. SUVAT equations are the very basics of the phyics A Level, even us A Level students find them easy, so don’t go blaming us, not our fault that they’re in the syllabus.

I dont personally believe in multiple choice as an option for this part of physics – but as differentiation within classes is so high what else can be done??? Incidentally, while energy is always a fun approach, surely it is effectively equivalent in this case, and in fact no calculation is required at all with the choices provided. I feel sorry for Stephen who’s thrown into the deep end straight away. To obtain the angle directly we have use the inverse of Sine called the Arcsine function. If you imagine what happens when you throw a ball across the floor it doesn’t bounce vertically upwards after striking the ground. Its all very well saying that these questions are easy and A level standars are going down every year.

We used to get a “man” in to fix things. Everyone mgss that you have to be Einstein, and this is bound to put off many people who aren’t arrogant confidence tricksters.

Improve the maths- and you will mmgs the physics The point of exams is to usefully differentiate different intellectual abilities, and provide a standard for comparison between different people.

Far from a shortage in physics graduates, it looks like there’s a shortage of science jobs.


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You can’t seriously be trying to tell us this trivia is what now passes for an A Level – pathetic! With regard to question 3, there have been assertions that some answers are incorrect. Those favouring the “impact” or vertical speed are accused of making assumptions about the flatness of the ground.

I think a lot of the comment is mmy. But at least we can eh?

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You can only call yourself an Engineer if you are qualified. I just wanted to say that there are still a lot of young students fasinated with physics and we need encouragment from everyone to do shwo best and question anything and everthing. The first 2 are ridiculously simple, and the 3rd is only confused by the appalling wording used in the question. Hi, thats all very interesting but that piece of music which played at the start of the special report has been driving me mad for months as I know I know it but don’t know what it is – anyone out there cultural aswell as scientific?

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I tried my hand at teaching in a school a couple of years ago mathematics and was shocked by the number of biology teachers trying to cope with physics. I’m generalising hugely of course, so that may sound un-duly harsh, however I do believe it to be largely based in reality. I burbled on about this on another BBC news forum recently, I think.

I just cannot believe the way the staff at Newsnight deal with this sort of subject. I state that the information in this notification is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that I am the owner of the exclusive right that is allegedly infringed, or an authorized agent for the owner.

I suppose these questions are a bit on the boring side but so are many details of Law, Accountancy etc. The whole GCSE science course has been changed this year and whilst the chemistry and biology sections are excellent, the physics portion of the course is a complete joke. Where do they come from?


If you imagine what happens when you throw a ball across the floor it doesn’t bounce vertically upwards after striking the ground. The units given for g are incorrect and may cause some confusion in mgd unfamiliar with the subject. You would be given a situation, for example a golfer hitting a ball off a cliff, then you would be asked progressively harder questions The main problem with homrwork is that its predicament is not a serious issue with the arts-educated media luvvies.

Though insignificant in relation to the ‘ball hitting the ground’, surely there is an element of ‘the ground hitting the ball’.

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The focus has been on how schools can improve their Physics output. Furthermore, it is in practicing such logic and seing where we go wrong with it that we learn. Many of these would attend university and follow a career path based on their chosen subject.

And for Sophie 35I hope you are enjoying your non-elitist media studies course at what we used to call a poly. We spent under an hour on this subject which then lead on to much harder concepts that, without this simple formulae and knowledge, would have been near impossible.

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Also amazing how many people bragged at getting the answer when in my opinion they were wrong. There were no modules or coursework to carry forward.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3.

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