An Overview Nimesh, S. The candidate will have to appear for admission test in the campus that has short-listed them. Distinguish different levels of selection and recruitment, training, performance appraisal of sales force. Neuroprotective effect of Brasicca oleraca L. Define and understand the basic concept of Filtration and centrifugation Apply their knowledge to differentiate between filter aids and filter media.

Understanding Analyze and compile data related to patient. Research Lab Course Objectives The students should learn how to formulate a research problem and design a suitable methodology to find its solution. MIET has given me an astonishing platform for the overall growth and development. Pharmacy Sleep Medicine and Disorder: Program Educational Objectives PEOs To produce pharmacy graduates through sustainable quality education, training and research.

Pharm Pharmacognosy Barkatullah Univ. Role of Pharmacists in Ensuring Patient Safety: Also apply these parameters to distinguish drug from possible adulterant. Outline the significance and principle involved in the determination of analytical constants. I thank my professors for their constant encouragement and support. Analyze systematically an unknown organic compound by various qualitative tests and examine the molecular model of organic compounds.

Describe the screening theiss soil for microorganisms producing antibiotics.

Part Time Ph.D.

The candidate should be working in an organization which encourages and facilitates research. Program Educational Objectives PEOs To produce pharmacy graduates through sustainable quality education, training and research. With the focus on industry specific knowledge, our students are placed in the top-notch organisations.

Current scenario and future stratigies. Apply the knowledge of mathematics and computing fundamentals to pharmaceutical applications for any given requirement. To improve stability and effectiveness of drug. Students will be able to acquire, retain, recall and apply specialized language and knowledge relevant to microbiology.


Selfassess and use feedback effectively from others to identify learning needs and to satisfy these needs on an ongoing basis. Committed to impart better learning through value based education and practical acquisition of knowledge amongst the students.

Carry out microbiological standardization of Pharmaceuticals. Students are able to use word processing software. Build master the skill of Curriculum-Vitae, Resume, and Bio-Data and communicate effectively with report writing, documentation and giving and receiving clear instructions Simplify logical issues and value system along with their participaticipation and assertiveness Remedial Biology BP RBT Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to Understand the various components of living world, classification and salient features of five kingdoms of life.

Determine salivary amylase activity and factors affecting it.

To simplify the role of Micromeritics in formulation designing. Explain the findings in laboratory practical in the form of a report.

uptu m.pharm thesis format

Determine the number of starch grains by Lycopodium spore method Determine the Ash value, Extractive values, moisture content of crude drugs. IV Analyze the pharmacological aspects of drugs and their safe administration to maximize therapeutic outcome.

uptu m.pharm thesis format

Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Doctorate Ph. Students will be able to create awareness about environmental problems. Analyze and distinguish the medicinal plant and compare their properties. Stem, Root, Leaf, seed, fruit, flower and construct the different parts of cell.



Make use of preliminary tests for organic compounds. Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry Practical BP P Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to Make use of common laboratory techniques, including reflux, distillation, steam distillation, recrystallization, vacuum filtration, melting point determination etc. Match quality control parameters viz, identity and purity with help of microscopic techniques.

Skills in professional communications writing proposals, applications, covering letter, resume writing Learning and practice of solution dealt with Barriers to communication, time management simulation exercise Learning and practice of solution dealt with Group discussions and non verbal communications Learning and practice of solution dealt with art to face interview successfully Pharmaceutical Chemistry-VII Medicinal Chemistry-II RPHP After completion of course, students are able to: Course Outcome Students get knowledge about physical, chemical and storage of organic and inorganic pharmaceuticals.

uptu m.pharm thesis format

Kolahal for session. Other activities Pharma Quiz was conducted by department of pharmaceutical M.phxrm on 23 February Utilize the techniques for biochemical tests and staining of microorganism for bacterial identification and make use of information on sterilization to analyze its efficiency.

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