Kylin was announced in Python supports arbitrary-width integers too. Data sizes are independent of the particular data size choosen for pointers. Strikes me that the time to address them was shortly after the millennium bug. Thus, if you write a computer program in one language and “port” it to a different language, or in the same language to a different system, you can’t necessarily be sure that he kludge is working the same way. First of all, the language is “Perl”, the semi-precious gem is a “pearl”.

Comparing mainframes to unix systems really doesn’t make sense. There was almost certainly some forms of relatively advanced seafaring years ago possibly including skin boats, sails and paddles, ropes, sealants and astronomy. Even assembly programs – the old assemblers and instructions are supported on newer hardware. Makes me think of F. We test our application for all known possibilities of bugs. Single graybeard devs aren’t going to be paid to fix that.

Didn’t they say that the sun also loses its light around that time. Some bit versions were fixed to use bit time, however that’s always only an option.

Digging for Bitcoin Is a Labor of Love. A RasPi has no chance of running for 20 years off a single A-size non-rechargeable non-serviceable battery. It’s interesting to see that Apple’s I would be surprised if they run an OS at all.

There are still many companies that have not converted to the 4 digit representation for the year So what? Is it hard real-time?

y2k38 research paper

I have no idea why it’s not fixed-size. Later the time was changed to whole seconds and redefined to be the time since January 1, Obviously it is a topic in itself, but do you mind sketching how one develops software in an environment that requires this extreme amount of reliability? Reswarch thought the normal procedure for something like this would be “stat2 ” eg.


y2k38 research paper

Back then OS’s were a dime a dozen and the future far too cloudy to predict in regards to computing. It does not log in and gives you some error. You quoted me verbatim with regard to the outputs, without so much as a set of quotation mark and a link. Twenty-year design lifespans often with servicing and minor design updates are definitely not unheard of, and successful systems often outlive their design lifespan.

Of course, you couldn’t expect that the suits in the front office would know that.

Countdown to Y2K38 | ScienceBlogs

This bug is often denoted as “Y”, “Y2K38”, rfsearch “Y2. I agree, null is often chosen as an option. Tell us what that was like, grandpa! That’s a lot of time, especially if we see Linux breaking into the mainstream about or so. I think, if the ANSI C program discussed in the article is, for some reason, being used in the yearwe will need to worry more about that.

Time to Panic About Y2K38?

Vendor lock-in, retirement of OS, bare to the metal reseadch, etc caused this. That only moves the problem outwards; instead of having to keep compatibility within the syscall ABI, you have to keep compatibility within the “base userland library” ABI, which is probably much larger for instance, printf is not a syscall. Applications written in C in many operating system will also be affected as the POSIX presentation of time is widely used there. In Linux kernel land, the golden rule is to never break the userspace ABI.


IBMer, but not a mainframe person. LoSboccacc on Mar 21, Of course we had other bugs, with the same cause, well after the y2k-period. Prefer packages but ports is useful for custom builds and desktop systems. The Y2K28 problem seconds since January 1, seconds since January 1, The last representable microsecond will be some time inand the last representable second won’t be for another million years or so.

When your machine has a 16 bit processor and a few dozen kilobytes of RAM you look to save wherever you can. But this being a negative number it will calculate the time by subtracting this many seconds from 1st January which will eventually generate a historical date-time which will cause the applications to fail. Oh, so that’s what Mesquite is doing There is a certain amount of snark embedded in this post, but its not a bad idea at all – I’ll be in much the same boat at that time – perhaps I can borrow the same idea MHordecki on Mar 22, Python supports arbitrary-width integers too.

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